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Training & Demos

We offer the following free online live courses:

Power BI crash course 

You would like to learn the basics about the capabilities and main features from Power BI or to kickstart your journey of building your own dashboards? We offer our one hour crash course, where we will cover  

  • The different versions of Power BI 

  • The structure of the Power BI Desktop App 

  • Connecting to data sources 

  • Live Demo: How to build a simple Power BI dashboard 

eMondrian installation & kickstart session 

eMondrian is a open source alternative to Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS / AAS), which offers OLAP functions and data mining for Business Intelligence Applications. Basically eMondrian enables you to build data models that are able to process large amounts of data in seconds, can be shared across your organization and can be accessed live by a variety of client tools such as Excel, Power BI, Tableau and others. If you would like for example offer your clients real time or near real time reporting, you have to ensure a good performance for filtering or drill down operations. In order to do that, Analysis Services Technology is one of the puzzle stones that can help you to achieve that. In this course we will show you how to setup an eMondrian Server and how to prototype your own first Cube / Data Model. 

Demos & initial consultations 

eMondrian Kickstart Session
Demos & initial consultations
Power BI crash course

Are you thinking on implementing Data Analytics or ERP solutions? Do you need support for starting the software evaluation process, project management, setup a project team or a product management process? Can we help you to enhance your data quality or optimize your current data analytics solution or maybe you would just like to get to know us? Please reach out or schedule a free session on the calendar below 

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