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ERP Implementations & Project Management 

You have an outdated operating system, you need to replace your current solution or it does not fit the purpose of your business anymore? Based on your requirement, we support you throughout all the steps of your journey. From the  evaluation of the software stack and the project planning & setup to the training of the users and support after the project.


How do we approach our projects you might think? Well, that topic could fill whole books, but in a nutshell: 



Our SAFe© and Scrum journeys shaped how we think and do projects

Requirements & Backlog Management

We setup the needed processes and provide you
with all necessary tools and templates in order
to manage and prioritize requirements

Project Management

Tools & Reporting

We use project management tools like Atlassian Jira, Azure Devops or Clickup to enhance productivity and communication within the project team and ensure real time reporting for management stakeholders.

Agile Methodologies
Requirements & Backlog Management
Project Management Tools & Reporting



Design thinking

In everything we do - we apply design thinking. Why? Well, traditional approaches tend to focus only on requirements. A group of people will often spend endless sessions to work out their requirements for a new product, which then results in a list of points like “we need a payroll accounting software which a) meets the legal requirements of country X b) is connected to our HR system SAP Successfactors (HCM) etc..” This leads then in a implementation, that meets the specification, but leaves out the needs of the user or the experience you would like to provide your customer with. That’s why we focus on the everyday pain points of your users and analyse the available data from your source systems to see how the process really is lived by your employees -not on some process chart, how the process should work in theory.

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