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BI & Data Analytics​

Make your decisions based on data 

Decision-making is perhaps the essence of management, and much attention continues to be focused on how to do it better. Studies show, that over 60% of management decisions are not taken based on facts but on other factors like emotions and feelings. One of the reasons is that still a grand majority of businesses struggle to have their most essential data at hand at the right time, independent of any location in order to enable data-driven decision making. Just some examples what we came across in our past: 

Non Existent Data Systems and Processes

  • Only way for managers to get information about the performance from their team is by manually extracting data from the source systems. A BI & Data Analytics Solution does not exist.

  • There is no regular meetings where actions are agreed based on Key Performance Indicators 

  • No transparency about supply chains and revenues in order to plan staff-schedule and production processes

Non Existent Data Systems and Processes

Insufficient Data Availability

  • Companies having insights about their financial performance once per month 

  • Operational and Quality KPI’s only available once per day 

  • Sales figures are only transmitted to the BI system with a nightly batch-job 

Low Data Quality

  • No defined Processes for Master Data Management in the Source Systems, which is the basis for data analytics 

  • Setup of Dashboards and Reports can be done by literally everybody in the business, hence a lot of redundancies are created and there is no single truth for a specific business question 

Insufficient Data Availability
Low Data Quality

Sounds familiar? Ready to move from reactive to proactive?

We at consenso are specialised in implementing the right data analytics tools that help you to track, steer and optimize your business by answering the most crucial executive questions such as: 

  • Where am I making / losing money? Which products and services do I focus on?

  • How many products will I probably need to purchase in order to optimize my sales and avoid any cost-and effort intensive fire-fighting activities?

  • On which days do I need how many FTE’s in order to get the job done?

  • Where do I have a high probability of disruptions in my operational processes?

  • To which customer segments do I sell which products & services and where do I have potential for improvement?

  • How can I improve quality aspects of my product/service and improve the overall customer experience?

  • What is the status of the leads and prospects in my sales pipeline?

How do we do that?

We offer 3 main data analytics services:

Data Visualization / Development of Dashboards

Data Analytics is not expensive! In case of low complexity / low data volume there is always the possibility to build a dashboard directly on top of your data sources in a couple of hours. Of course - in the long run - we would always advice to build a data analytics platform, because it is the most sustainable and forward looking solution for every business.

Data Analytics Platform / Big Data Infrastructure

Why implement a Data Analytics Platform / Big Data Infrastructure?

We can help you with that!

Data Visualization
Dat Analytics
Data Analytics Services

In general the application landscapes of companies as well as online resources relevant for businesses are growing and growing – and so is the amount of data, which is relevant to monitor and optimize your business as well as predict the future. With that comes also a variety of different data formats and data with different quality levels and availability needs. Furthermore, the requirements from stakeholders like customers or partners getting up-to-date insights about supply chain and production statuses as well as details about the products and services that you provide, keep increasing. All those aspects need to be managed and governed in an efficient way, without creating artificial bottlenecks in your organisation (e.g. development, support, product management etc.). Therefore, we strongly believe that the way to go is to build an infrastructure;

  • that is scalable and easy to support

  • which is flexible in terms of changes in the source system landscape and visualization tools that can be used with
  • that supports the self-service BI philosophy, hence accelerates the delivery of new requirements

However, building a data platform can also be viewed as a process, where parts of the tool-kit are added iteratively as your data analytics requirements keep increasing.

Regardless of the size of your business or if you have a cloud or an on premise strategy, we implement the right tools for you by building an ecosystem with the different layers to gather, process, store, model and present the data as visualized and described in the graphic below. We are specialised in a set of open source as well as Microsoft Azure tools. For some use cases it makes also sense to use a combination of commercial and open source tools.

Data Mangmnt

Data Management & Governance Consulting 

Data Management & Governance Consulting

The basis of data-driven decision making is having good data quality. We help our clients to fix data quality issues and maintain a high data quality by deploying the right tools and processes. Typical approaches are for example:

  • Clean, describe and categorize data – implement data dictionaries and document transformations 

  • Defining roles and responsibility – who can edit which data categories in your organization? 

  • Set-up of automated monitoring & correction processes, which can be done with Artificial Intelligence tools 

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